Thursday, 8 October 2015

Found in The Reject Pile

Killing two birds with one stone here as I was asked by Hazel to make a collage for the "Lost & Found" project one of her students was doing and had to make one quickly before she went into work. Luckily I found this old one I'd started some time ago and with a few tweaks was able to bring it up to my usual low standard! The student seemed pleased so a bonus all round!


  1. The National Geographics are my new treasures - I found them in the USA, with advice from my collage friend ;-)
    This would be a very interesting issue, too!

  2. What a great collage! I'm envious of you for having such an old Nat Geo. I only have recent ones because I've never had the habit, or even the inclination, to drop into places where people sell old stuff. Even since becoming a collage artist in 2010 I haven't started doing that because I don't have the room. =sigh= I have such a limited store of images to draw from...

    In case you missed the info about why I've been gone for so long, it's in the comments section of Michael's previous collage.

    1. By the way, welcome Archie! I look forward to seeing your collages!

  3. A Porky Prime Cut (of the Scissors!)

  4. You did it again, Michael. Made me Laugh Out Loud! Well done. You are the master.