Monday, 12 November 2012

pieces of the world

I kinda want to get some reactions to this thing, before I explain about how it came to be...except to say that the phrase "pieces of the world" got stuck in my head and definitely wanted to be an abstract.


  1. Abstract indeed! I can't imagine how you came by it! Needs some explaination for sure!

  2. Birds, Fi, I see birds (but no dead people). Peace doves?

  3. Birds? Dead people? Now I'm the one who's lost. Why would there be birds or dead people in an abstract entitled "pieces of the world"?

    Well, at any rate I can tell it's going over like a lead balloon. I'll explain what's odd about the technique: I decided to use a new way of affixing pieces of paper to another piece and to each other, which is to laminate them between pieces of plastic. I loaded the picture into the laminating cartridge starting on the left side, and the first couple of pieces wouldn't lay flat where they belonged (on the pencil mark) and blew their own way. After that rough beginning, though, it went pretty much as I imagined it in my head: a lot of white pieces with black outlines climbing a diagonal, then some colored pieces with white outlines on a perpendicular line. I wanted to let one "go free" at the end, and it just happened to be one that I guess you're seeing as bird-shaped. =shrug=

  4. Ah, I see! In my defense, I originally thought you had chopped up circles in various complicated and devious ways to cleave a symbolic troubled planet into clever shapes, including the infamous peace doves (...and no doubt Fi will think twice before she asks W and paperworker what they see in something!).

  5. Now I see what you mean, Lynn. I apologize for the crabby tone in my reply. These are troubled times in my household—my husband lost his job, and we're caught in the federal bureaucracy without knowing where the next mortgage payment is coming from—which is why I thought I should take a sabbatical from the KK. But alas! I can't stay away from these fiendish themes. =laugh= My sense is that eventually it will all work out fine, but I'm having to weather some stormy seas in the meantime.

    1. This is sad, dear, hard times indeed. Maybe KK will be good therapy (and good karma)...take revenge with those little scissors! I once drew a vicious portrait of someone who had harmed my daughter; she was fairly horrified when she saw it, but I felt MUCH better...!

  6. Hi Fi. I like this because it looks like graffiti. Or origami. Maybe it's origami graffiti. At any rate it is a pleasing abstract and a reflection of the turmoil you are enduring as it looks like a clash between two forces.