Tuesday, 4 December 2012

After Grandma Recuperated From Being Run Over By A Reindeer She Was Never The Same

"Brrrrrrrrrrr...it's cold Grandma - GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!  Besides that's not the snow blower it's the lawn mower!"



  1. CC, the Norwegians up here (myself included) LOVE this old song! Your collage captures it nicely, great job.

  2. Angie, I love the things you do with old advertisements!

  3. Thanks everyone! Yeah, Grandma loves riding her HOMKO LAWNMOBILE, as the ad from 1956 called it. The reindeer are from a vintage Christmas card of Santa showing "stag" films (flying reindeer) to a couple of his crew (the card opens to reveal the reindeer pulling his sleigh.) The background is from a book about winter. I've always loved that image of Williamson's Garage and glad I could finally use it.