Tuesday, 26 March 2013

oscar wilde looks into the deep past

I'm pressed for time, too, of late, so this one's doing duty for two different collage venues. I was already thinking about an image of someone looking into the dinosaur era, for our theme of time & space, when they announced a challenge on swap-bot to make a collage postcard incorporating these five things: a dinosaur, a trumpet, a queen, some plaid, and a circle. Since my favorite queen is the generous, brilliant, witty Oscar Wilde, I immediately saw how I could make a card both for this blog and the swap-bot challenge.

Hence, I give you a mother tyrannosaur feeding her young, four trumpets held by two angels ('wonder why they need back-up trumpets), a queen whom I admire a great deal, a plaid ascot that he probably wouldn't like, and a black circle.

Photo of Oscar is from the cover of Sheridan Morley's Oscar Wilde (no photo credit given, and yes, it is purple on the cover). Tyrannosaurs & hadrosaurs by paleo-artist Luis V. Rey. Angels are Dover spot illustrations.


  1. Glad you found some TIME to do this Fi!

  2. This one is great, Fi - I just love Oscar looking dreamily back into the dino-era - as if HE would like to be feeded instead of the little ones.

  3. More LOL here ("...my favorite queen...:!), this one is spectacular, Fi!

  4. 'Glad y'all enjoyed it—thanks for the comments!