Monday, 28 October 2013

andy's exquisite corpse party, part 1

I really got into this because I gave several rock-n-roll costume parties for Hallowe'en during the 1980s. I miss those crazy days! I imagined that Andy told everyone the theme for the costumes was Exquisite Corpse—that they should dress as though they were drawings created in that game. On one wall of the Factory he put up a huge print of his "CocaCola" (sideways). He also printed up Salvador Dali and Edie Sedgewick masks for his guests. (Dali didn't come to the party, and Edie, of course, was long dead.)

Predictably, not everyone paid attention to the costume theme—like the mystery dude who came as a huge fish. Andy himself chose to wear a mask of his own portrait by Vladimir Gorsky. The crown on his chest was painted by his friend and collaborator Jean-Michel Basquiat, who appears in Part 2.


  1. Lovely stuff! These last two could work as a trip-tych!

  2. OMG!! You out-did yourself Fi! Both collages for this theme are Freakin' Amazing!!! My nieces just turned me on to the term "Exquisite Corpse"... my brother and sister and I played it with my mom when we were kids but not by that name.