Saturday, 25 April 2015

Below Ground Level


  1. Wonderful Sabine, I love the lady with the grocery bag and wonder if she's able to grab the potatoes first!
    It's such a pleasure to recognize the hand who made the collage, it's a game I play all the time here on Kollage Kit!

  2. Well done Sabine. It's a striking image. The reason I love The Kollage Kit is it challenges us to make a piece we most likely would never have made, right?

    PS I totally play the same game as Josephine!

    1. I agree with you Angie about the challenges that forces you to go in a certain direction, so you come up with collages you wouldn't have made otherwise.

  3. Lovely combination of images. Puts me off mountain climbing , especially after recent events!

  4. Nice 'mash-up' Sabine. The hills and potatoes have eyes. They'll get nicely baked at the earth's core. :D