Monday, 15 June 2015

S is for sea serpents and ships

This is a joint effort between my 15-yr-old art student and moi. She made the ships and serpents, with collage,  and I made the blues and green and the orange S, with markers. Her name is Grace d'Eustachio.

I'm still having trouble with getting upstairs to my collage studio. And just to make things more difficult, the "c" key on my laptop has died. So this is typed on my iPad.


  1. Hi Fi, good to see you here with your partner-in-collage-crime ;))
    I love the combination a lot! The black outlining works well., and the little touch of complimentary color.
    I hope you're getting better soon! Big hug for you and Grace.

  2. Dear Fi! Good to have you back. Sorry to hear you are still having trouble. Thank you for your nice note...enjoy the book! S is for sea serpents and ships and See you back to normal Soon!

  3. Hi Fi - nice to have you back again this time - sorry to hear you still have troubles. I´m wishing you all the best and get well soon!
    Nevertheless - in regard to our theme this week it "fits" that your "c" is gone - it must stuck somewhere in a collage ;-)
    I like the blue and black and grey combination as well as the orange S - a well done collaboration!

  4. Great to see you back Fi. Nice collab. Love the colours especially the blues.