Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Dream Holiday

"Oh Look! Your brother is pulling funny faces in front of these crocodiles! I wonder how they will react!!"


  1. Cute google-eye kid. Hope his stunt is not the last thing he ever does! (Those crocs can be very fast! Once, many years ago at a wildlife refuge, my husband and I observed a very stupid couple holding their baby just inches above a resting crocodile so they could get his photo taken with it. I am not kidding. Luckily the crocodile remained sleeping. He must have had a full belly.)

    1. What an incredible story! Remind me in a way on Michael Jackson, holding his baby child over the balcony parapet.

    2. Yes, you it's better to put these trics into your collages than to do them in real live;))
      Thanks for the story Angie!

  2. And mummy is nudging the crock in the back to arouse interest ;-) A fun eye collage, Josephine!