Monday, 21 December 2015

for my faithful correspondent

I'm not quite back yet, but I am able to climb the stairs on my hands and knees—no easy feat!—and (finally!) get to my studio. That's where I got the background paper, did the painted white lines, cut up the red & blue & patterned paper, and found the "Peace" & "Brother" stickers in Sticker Bomb's alphabet book. The rest I did downstairs with a stencil, rub-on letters, letter stickers, and rubber stamps.. My poor beleaguered husband Bob had to do the scan and upload.

This is actually a Winter Solstice collage, 'cause I'm a pagan. I'm sending this postcard to just about the only person who mailed me anything during the many months I've been disabled. He sent brilliant collage postcards with delightful mini-essays on the backs, about three or four of them a week.... hence the title.

I'm still confined to a wheelchair for almost everything I do. I've been working hard for months to get to the point where I can stand up readily and take a few steps. I'm going to keep working hard until I can walk, drive, and get my life back. But my damaged legs are balky, so progress is two steps forward, one step back.

Happy Longest Night, y'all, and have a Cool Yule! =grin= At dawn tomorrow the sun will begin its annual return—yay!


  1. OMG...FIONA!!...You have been thought of frequently and I am happy to see this piece of wonderful work but distressed to hear the details of your plight. I hope 2016 brings you relief and legs that work again and all the best to you and Bob.

  2. So nice to have a collage from you here again, Fi - especially because this means, that you have been able to climb the stairs to you studio! I´m whishing you all the best for the upcoming year - especially health!

  3. 'Here comes the Sun'...., how nice Fi! I hope it returns to you this year and wish you all the best with your health!
    But so good to see you back with a collage!

  4. Lovely. It's easy to forget at this time of year Spring isn't too far away.
    All the best. Great to see a new collage from you - and hope to see many more next year!

  5. All the best to you Fi - look forward to many more collages in the New year!