Wednesday, 30 December 2015

New Year's Eve 2115

Albrecht Durer "The Four Riders of the Apocalypse", woodcut, 1498 juxtaposed on a painting by Caspar David Friedrich, "Mountain Landscape with Rainbow" 1809-10 with the addition of an illustration by Blanche Fisher Wright, "Happy New Year" from the Pitter Patter Book, 1918.


  1. How very beautiful Angie! I love the combination of Albrecht Durer (he's a fave of mine) and the Pitter Patter Illustration! You see what's old stays classic even in 2115 ;))

    I'm willing to choose the subjects for January and February 2016!

    Perhaps we can extend your subject another week together with a new subject, let's say: Resolutions/Intentions for the New Year?

    1. O dear, now I'm really confused to who is picking themes? Someone asked if they could do them in January and old fuddle-brain that I am I've forgotten who it was!?

    2. Hi Michael, you old fuddle-brain LOL!, when I picked the theme last week I solicited someone to pick themes for the next round and as you can see above Josephine has graciously volunteered to pick themes for JANUARY AND FEBRUARY.


    3. First theme sounds great Josephine! Now post it as a THEME in a separate post.

    4. Glad that's sorted then! Cheers!

  2. Nice image Angie. And Happy New Year all!
    An extension for the theme would be welcome as I'm away from my collage base camp just now.
    All the best for the Bells.

  3. Terrific source material, Angie! I can see you'll be ready for the Apocalypse! And great snipping on the horses' legs and other details....