Thursday, 19 October 2017

THEME - The Rolling Stones Songs

His Satanic Majesties Valentines Band. Lots of songs to give you inspiration. If you are not a fan I'm sure you can find a discography on line somewhere!


  1. First big rock concert little Lynn ever went to...the Rolling Stones at the Cow Palace in SF...opening act was Jefferson Airplane BEFORE Grace Slick joined the OLD AM I???!!

    1. Wow - an amazing memory to have Lynn. I've never seen the Stones or Beatles but plenty of other acts back in the misty far off 60's.

    2. Me Beatles no Stones. But I have managed to see Ringo and his All-Star Band (he is quite the performer!) and I did manage to see Sir Paul at Wrigley Field in Chicago a couple of years ago (intimate concert for me as we had seats near the front!)