Sunday, 11 February 2018


This is pretty spicy, eh?
Here is my favorite part of this collage...the word "SWING" comes from an ad from the 1960s. The words "JUST WHAT I WANTED" come from a 1903 McClure's magazine. I was struck by the modern look of the 1903 typeface which echoed the groovy type style of the 1960s.  By the way, "JUST WHAT I WANTED" was used in an ad for ink (fountain) pens!


  1. Hmmm... this suggests a story. The desire of the guy in the foreground for the guy in the Valentine's boxers seems pretty straightforward, but what of the laughing guy in the blue suit? Is he the one to whom the guy in boxers belongs? Angie, to quote you, I want to know how this is going to end! (Great collage, incidentally....)

    1. I think the suit and the boxer shorts are a couple and boxer shorts just got a Valentine's card from his honey. Enter mysterious back of the head who is looking at both!! (By the way, my good (gay) friend informed me that gays don't "swing" cut me some slack for not knowing!) So maybe an alternate title is "Ménage à trois" -- which is what is going on here! But I couldn't help but use that word SWING to counterpoint the thought bubble! ;)

    2. The bottom line is this...I looked at a lot of "PULP FICTION ROMANCE" on a GOOGLE IMAGE search and I thought this could be a cover based on the stories created by the covers I viewed. Intriguing was the take-away from my research.

  2. Very nice, CC, it has an intriguing, punnish quality, AND it's a very nice collage. I think you captured that pulp romance feeling well!