Thursday, 8 February 2018

THEME: pulp >>> romance

This next week includes Valentine's Day, so I figure our next pulp genre should be Romance.

What is Romance? In a way, it's a game—a game that two people (or three) play with affection, flirting, love... holding hands, kissing, sex.... pleasure, cheating, betrayal... all the components of a hypothetical relationship. So this week our collages will depict people playing this game—happily or unhappily. They may be at the beginning of getting to know each other; they may have been bonded as a couple for years. Or else, design a pulp Valentine's Day card for your honey...Whatever strikes your fancy!

But we're not in the world of today: we're back in the pulp decades of the 1920s through the 1950s. Think covers of mass-market paperback books. Think comics, magazines. Think strapless dresses, lipstick, hairdos & hair oil. Be corny, be silly, be dark. Give your characters speech bubbles to be saying things to each other, or thought bubbles like clouds. Or show the game taking place without words.

And have fun!!

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