Thursday, 28 June 2018

Theme: There's A Place.

Geographically speaking, a collage about a place.
Anywhere, really… a town, a country, a planet or a favourite shop… etc. Real or imaginary..

This is my last turn at the themes for now as June ends.
Many thanks for all the great collages the last couple of months.



  1. Now I cannot get the Beatles song out of my mind...

    There is a place
    Where I can go
    When I feel low
    When I feel blue
    And it's my mind
    And there's no time when I'm alone...

    Great tune.

    At any rate, I would be happy to be the next theme picker!!

  2. Oh yes, fab song from their debut LP. At the same time I thought of The Beach Boys, In My Room.
    Looking forward to the July themes Angie.

  3. Nice one Ron - thanks for all the fab themes. Thanks Angie for taking over themes for July!