Thursday, 8 November 2018

Testing The Density Of Custard


  1. ee those people must have fallen in from a great height! And a bit disturbing to wonder why there are some single legs sticking out of the custard... makes you think what happened to the other half of the pair!
    There was an artwork with a bed of bubbling gunk a bit like this, in the Robert Rauschenberg exhibition at the Tate a few years ago, oddly similar.

  2. Classic Michael Leigh--I love it!

    (I like to guess who posted before I scroll down see the name of the artist and I was correct!)

    I also like Steve's comments and I want to see that Rauschenberg!!

    1. Angie you've probably found it already, but just in case:

      Robert Rauschenberg: Mud Muse (1968-71)

  3. Thanks for the comments both. Not seen that Rauschenberg but love his assemblage work. The picture is actually from a photo of a soap factory. Vats of custard is a particularly British thing I think and something that is certainly an on-going joke in our family. Whenever we see a pile of manure we are obliged to say " That would be good to put on some rhubarb!" The punchline is invariably "I'd rather have custard on mine!" Custard pies are also used as missiles by clowns.

  4. I like the classic rhubarb joke Michael...Looks like they're all away with the Birds here!

    I remember the story of Spike Milligan in his Goon days asking a BBC Canteen lady for a sock full of custard and throwing it against the wall for a new sound effect....apparently, it wasn't the sound he'd hoped for.