Tuesday, 3 January 2012

GROW ROSES by Mary Maxim

Hello and allow me to introduce myself.  I am Angie Naron and I live in Chicago.  Retired from secretarial work, I now devote my life to gardening, photography, making collages, creating one of a kind cloth dolls, collecting vintage photographs (I have thousands), buying and selling antiques (I have been a dealer for nearly 20 years) and playing with my dog Harvey.  I've recently begun collecting vintage paper dolls - a hot collectible.

This, my first collage for The Kollage Kit, theme of the week: Books, features some elements of my favorite pastimes - that is a paper doll pajama and pillow cut out, the woman known as Mary Maxim is a disembodied vintage photograph and while the roses are a bit larger than the ones I grow, the ornamental garden urn is something I am constantly looking for to add interest in my own garden.  The dog is a tip of the hat to my dog Harvey who is my constant shadow.


  1. Lovely work Angie - thanks for introducing yourself!

  2. Really gorgeous! Welcome to Kollage Kit!

  3. Welcome, Angie, great to have you on board!