Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Pretty Apron Makes Food Preparation Fun!

So I finally got to it and went through my boxes of pre-cut images.  Central figure is an Art Deco statue of a nude woman with her head hanging down.  Head has been replaced with the smiling face of a Geisha. Geisha is modest so she is wearing a pretty apron (I went through a period of collecting images of aprons which I have never used in any collage before).  All pasted onto a circa 1930s Subscription Form for BETTER HOMES and GARDENS.


  1. I love the way the apron fits so perfectly—and that's a great background!

  2. Thank you Fi and Vivienne. I thought it turned out pretty darn nice. And it's something I would have NEVER put together so randomly! And yes, Fi, the apron fit perfectly...that's when I knew it was all going to be pasted and become art.