Saturday, 1 June 2013

Glynnis Proudly Posed with a Portrait of Her Grandparents ~ The Pride of Elkhart, Indiana ~ Circus Clowns "Snappy Pappy" and "Not So Happy Hannah"

Antique found cabinet card photograph of a couple from Elkhart, Indiana.  Woman in the fab polka dot shift is from a circa 1960s interior design magazine advertisement.  She was juxtaposed on top of a black background with the same circles of color as her dress.  I always knew she'd come in handy one day!


  1. And can you say THAT three times fast?!! Love the faces on the cabinet card couple, very nice, CC!

  2. This is funny! The combinaton of the two different images is working very well! Love this!

  3. What a great artifact from the '60s! Very clever how you worked the two clowns into the polka-dot theme...