Thursday, 29 May 2014

Paperworker Meets the ATC...

 ATC Migu

ATC Eye Nest

Haven't done this before -- it's pretty fun and seems like a very nice way to use up all those pesky, itty bitty scraps! 

And, Ron, thanks for doing such a great job of picking themes for us this last month.  You done good.


  1. I like them both, Lynn - but the "Eye Nes"t is really intriguing! Nicly done - especially if you did it the very first time! Wow!

  2. Hey Lynn...I agree with Sabine. Very nice work for your first attempt at ATCs! And yes they are a lot of fun and do help use up those small scraps we can't seem to throw away! Actually they are a highly addictive creative act and you better watch out!! ; )

  3. You seem to have the hang of it already! Excellent!

  4. Thanks Lynn. Superb stuff. It's a cool format - the ATCs.