Thursday, 29 May 2014

This week's theme: Artist Trading Cards

I'm signing off now from the month of May. It's been great fun thinking up the themes and thanks for all the superb contributions over the last weeks.

The final theme is to make a collaged ATC. This can be on any subject. Size of an ATC is 64mm wide x 89mm high. I'm sure everyone will have heard of these, but there's a Wiki link below just in case anyone needs a definition.



  1. Nice theme again, Ron! Thanks for the last weeks! It was fun to work on your suggestions!

  2. Many thanks Ron for picking such great themes for May! Hopefully someone else will volunteer for next months!?

  3. Thanks Ron for your themes last month, I've enjoyed it a lot.

    I can/will volunteer for the next month Michael.

  4. Thank You Ron! Was a month of fab work thanks to your fab themes! And speaking of themes...ATCs! OMG. I was so into these a couple of years ago. I am going to start making them again!! (Especially since I invested in those custom plastic sleeves in which to house them.)

  5. Thanks,Ron, for the great themes! I apologize for my intermittent participation: I am still heavily engaged in the entropy-reduction project I referenced in my "springtime themodynamics" collage. This week has been devoted to collecting and consolidating some 2000 books I am giving away to charity.

  6. Cheers all. Yes, good to get back into ATCs I did a few a while back.
    Looking forward to your themes next month Josephine!