Thursday, 31 July 2014


As I mentioned before, my husband and I will soon be picking up a brother-sister pair of oriental shorthair kittens from our breeder. This collage will be a gift for the woman who breeds these lively, social, charming cats.

Oriental shorthairs are close relatives of Siamese, and are sometimes described as the "greyhounds of the cat breeds": they are long and tall and skinny with long faces and big ears. As for the spiral tails, well, spirals can mean many things, but in the nature religion I practice they stand for regeneration and renewal. I decided on green and blue for the colors because one of my favorite images of summertime is green conifers over a beautiful blue lake.


  1. Nicely executed Fi. Much joy with your new kitties!

  2. Beautiful design Fi.
    Have fun with your kittens.

  3. Fi, this should be turned into a quilt! Meow!

  4. The breeder will be a lucky one to reveice this collage from you! All the best for you and your new kittens!