Friday, 18 September 2015

Carry That Weight


  1. This is great Michael! Is it a real cover of the magazine?
    I still like to listen to 'the weight' of the Band!

  2. "Carry That Weight" by The Beatles

    Music critic Ian MacDonald interpreted the lyric as an acknowledgement by the group that nothing they would do as individual artists would equal what they had achieved together, and they would always carry the weight of their Beatle past.

    As usual Michael, you have created an amazing collage for this theme!

  3. I like that most of the group in the front is blurred - this gives a "ghost feeling".
    Interesting info, CC.

  4. Yes, it's like those digital pictures that give you double images or something, intriguing!

  5. Thanks all - the original cover was downloaded from the internet and printed but our printer doesn't do black ink anymore ( blocked up I think?) so have to make do with just the colours - hence the weird effect!