Monday, 21 March 2016

The adorable Theresa Amalia Victoria Franklin Hoffman (born 1874) discovers how well she can draw on wallpaper...

                   when she grows up she wants to become the first known graffiti artist!


  1. Where on earth did you find that young woman? She is hilarious. And the donkey's teeth match her chompers perfectly! What a pair. What a story you are telling here.

    1. The teeth were a happy accident, because I wanted to give her a toy and this was the first toy I found in some old magazines for knitting. I only saw the matching of the pair after I had glued them down! To be honest I was focussing on the stamps I made out of erasers, because I have a book of patterns from the 19 century... and the girl came from a book called "Clothes throughout the ages" and the 'teeth' are from a Dutch couple named "Theo and Thea", who made children's TV programs back in 1985 still to be found on you tube. I had some old images of them ;))

  2. LOL. I like the guffawing donkey toy.

  3. Creepy and fun! And great job of making eraser stamps out of old patterns....

  4. Thank you Ron and Fi, this theme made me very creative again!