Thursday, 3 March 2016


I picked up a nice old book about Chile that had page after page black & white images.  And it was the kind of paper I like working with best--matte.   So I found the happy bathers in it.  I do believe the barren trees on the horizon are also from the same book.  Then I found the airship with the words of wisdom.  Lastly I found another image in my scrap box featuring a waterway and a bridge so I carefully cut that out to go above the bathing scene. (Note: Michael Leigh pointed out this image is of a UK bridge, so oops! my collage is not exactly all about The Americas!)  All pasted down on an old book cover.


  1. Superbly done! Sort of happy, sort of eerie, and the airship is inspired!

  2. Looking ahead to summer, nice art Angie.
    I like all the textures here and the faded greys.

  3. Interesting composition. But why the Clifton suspension bridge in the UK ?

    1. GOOD EYE! And bad. This is what happens when you keep a "scrap box" of things you mean to use someday and you don't remember where they came from! I will adjust my description accordingly.

  4. Another political collage here - (saving) water is one of an issue in California - so for me it fits perfectly to the theme, although the bridge is from UK.