Wednesday, 9 March 2016

This week's theme: Coastlines

Staying on the geographic theme, this week it's all about Coasts.
Beaches, rocky shores, cliffs et al. See you at Kollage Bay! - Ron


  1. Would you believe two days ago I cut out an image of San Francisco's 1896 "Gingerbread Palace" known as "The Cliff House Restaurant" with beach visitors in the foreground for use in a future collage? I would say a bit of ESP was at work. Good theme Ron! ;)

  2. Could be a bit of ESP Angie. I was inspired this week by the excellent BBC Documentary series COAST - well worth catching...not sure if the BBC will allow you to watch clips though outside UK. :(

    1. Some on YouTube if thats any easier - Great theme BTW Ron!

  3. Love your themes Ron. I'm still busy for a few more days but I'm back on tuesday and than I'm in again.

  4. I grew up on the Texas coast, so this is a theme I can really get into!