Wednesday, 30 November 2016

celebration of u.s. postal service

See the two jack-o'-lanterns? They're what inspired this collage. For many years I've been frustrated by the fact that the U.S. postal service hasn't ever (that I know of) issued Hallowe'en stamps. They've issued stamps for Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Easter, Valentine's Day, and of course many for Christmas, so why not Hallowe'en? I've written to them at the address for the people who choose the stamps for each year, pointing out that Hallowe'en is second only to Christmas as the most popular holiday in the U.S.--if you go by how much money people spend on decorations, candy, pumpkins, party items, costumes, etc.

And then finally, this year they issued a set of four different smiling jack-o'-lanterns, on a fitting black background. Yay! I do hope they'll do Hallowe'en stamps every year. Now I wish they'd come up with something a little bit scary. =grin=


  1. Always been a sucker for stamps - some fine examples here!

  2. Oh what a nice collection Fi and what a lovely story!
    I know through my friend Nathalie Labois-Debesson on Flickr, there's one day in the year it's allowed to make your own 'false' poststamp ... this year it was 17-11-2016, I don't know if this is only in France or Europe or worldwide, I must ask her.

  3. very interesting! I love stamps. I love postcards too. Perhaps I should be a mailart performer... :)