Thursday, 3 November 2016

This Week's THEME: The Shadow

 I'm your host for this month's themes ... and I think this week there's a shadow hanging over America.
 There are a lot of definitions of the word 'Shadow' ... to cast a shadow .... me and my shadow... or perhaps a 'shadow box' if you want to go 3D..
On the positive side shadow means 'shelter', think of a hot summer's day.
I'm curious what you come up with this week's collages.... have fun!


  1. Looking forward to your themes Josephine - off to a good start!

  2. Oh man, this one is dreamy, Jo.... I've been enamored of Jung's concept of the Shadow for many years. I wonder if I can visualize a Jungian collage.... hmmm....

  3. I'm glad you both like the theme! I'm always charmed when seeing children discovering their shadow for the first time and trying to get rid of it., or Lucky Luke who shoots faster than his shadow ;))

  4. I like it too - but fear that I can't create something! Thanks for being our host in November!

  5. I am back from a trip to New Orleans! My niece was married in the beautiful setting of the Botanical Gardens in City Park. Quite a lovely time. While I was in NOLA I purchased an auction catalogue at one of my favorite used bookstores and I just created one for this week's theme using the cover of it!!