Sunday, 24 February 2013

The 1962 Chevy Nova--Truly Timeless Design!

That's the actual cover of the August 1916 issue of ARCHITECTURE.  And that's the New 1962 Chevrolet "Chevy II" also known as The Chevy Nova from an magazine advertisement introducing the automobile.  I always wanted a Nova.  But I never learned to drive!


  1. Ah, this is lovely, CC. The yellow of the Nova blends so nicely with the pale yellow of the graphic cover. And, it reminds me of my first car back in the prehistoric ages. It had pushbuttons on the dash and my brother drove it into a swamp and killed it. RIP, little vehicle.

  2. Both components fit excellent together. I can imagine, that you wanted this Chevy! Super!

  3. Thanks Lynn and Sabine! I was going to do something completely different with the yellow Nova but my eyes landed on that magazine cover and it did fit so well on the bottom of the page that I could not help but use it. I am also a minimalist at heart ; ).