Saturday, 4 March 2017

cat tree, embellished

With our previous oriental shorthairs, we'd never seen the need for one of those tacky scratched-up cat trees, but shortly after getting our most recent pair of kittens, we realized that our breeder wasn't kidding when she said, "These, you will find, are very vertical." They weren't just jumping up on our shoulders, they were jumping to the tops of doors, cabinets, you name it—including all the way to the ceiling in our kitchen! So we did some shopping and found a vertical cat tree for our intrepid explorers.

What you see behind the cat tree is a partial view of a whole wall of floor-to-ceiling bookcases that my husband made. About my gold-and-blue collage: the background is an Oscar de la Renta design from the cover of the new United States Postal Service philatelic magazine, in honor of a new series of de la Renta stamps; the foreground is a photo of a liquid crystal diode, exploded after being exposed to a strong electrical field.


  1. Nice to see a bit of the interior of your house and also the handiwork of your husband. GREAT collage...excited about the Oscar de la Renta stamps and the exploded liquid crystal diode is a nod to the energy of the kitties you live with!

  2. I agree with Angie., this is a lovely part of your house Fi!

  3. And I would have loved to see one of the kitties ogling your collage work....!

    1. Me, too, but when they're awake, this pair is just about always in motion. The vast majority of my photos of them are when they're taking a nap. =sigh=

  4. I just can echo: nice to see a colorful collage in a part of your interior - and a kitten on the photo would have been great - but we all know: kittens always just do what they want!

  5. Cool collage and those cats have a cool tree Fi. Like walls of books like this too.