Sunday, 19 March 2017

Edwin Resisted All Suggestion That His Basket Weaving Made Him Squirrely

"Basket Weaving, an innocuous activity of early occupational therapy is also the go-to trope for all things mental and pointless.

Why? Where did it all go wrong? Why so much hate for basket weaving? And what does this do for the therapy modalities associated with it?"

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  1. I must say I love basket weaving ... I love all crafts., such delight to see hands at work!
    This is a very fun collage again Angie ... i guess you as a doll maker will love this theme!

    1. Ah ha! Yes, I was just thinking yesterday after I made this collage the next one should be about dolls!

  2. Maybe Edwin is squarely - but nevertheless I like your collage. And one about dolls would be nice!

  3. Delightfully bizarre! What a moustache, too.... and thatks for the URL.

  4. Wacky! Looks like that might be Sir Henry Basketville...with squirrels instead of hounds!