Friday, 17 March 2017

Unknown Fact: Mother Whistler Was a Master Knitter


  1. Whistler is a Big, BIG hero of mine! I love the concept and the execution both, Angie. I've always wondered if Whistler's mom actually crafted, herself, that peculiar little lacy headdress she's wearing in the painting. And I have no doubt that Whistler picked out every detail of that outfit she's wearing.

    1. Thanks Fi! I actually read up on Anna McNeill Whistler and discovered:

      Anna was living with James in London when he finally painted her. “He had kicked his gorgeous red-headed girlfriend out so she could move in,” says Jay Clarke, a curator at the Clark Institute. “The story goes that one day a model did not show up for an appointment when James turned to his mother and said, ‘I always wanted to paint a portrait of you.’ The rest is history.”

      You can learn more about Mother Whistler in the rest of the article (sorry, I cannot master your way of putting in a link, so I guess it is copy & paste time!)

  2. This is so much fun Angie! Love all them knitting patterns!

  3. Oh yes - she knitted master pieces! Nice one, Angie!