Saturday, 13 May 2017

Anatomical triptych - in progress

A while ago I found a vintage anatomical panel in the net. 
It is pretty big - 63 inches (160cm) - and this size is really challenging me. 
I´m working on a triptych and finished (almost) one of them - humans as machines.


  1. Lovely work ! I am extremely jealous of your find!

  2. A fabulous cyborg! I, too, am envious of your find: any chance, Sabine, you would share with us the name of the place you got it?

  3. Dear friends, don't be envy! I found it on eBay - it was a private seller and he just had this single one. But maybe if you put "anatomical panel" into eBay-search you will find something similar!? I'm crossing my fingers for you!!!!!!

  4. OH WOW! This is a GREAT idea. And a fantastic execution. And you are correct about eBay. As a second-hand dealer I am always looking at eBay. It provides hours of "window" shopping and the discovery of things I could never imagine finding or ever knew existed!