Saturday, 13 May 2017

Mr Blue Sky

Inspired by ELO and the recent 2 week run of good weather in Scotland - sadly ended today. :(


  1. 'Looks terrific—as if the elements were fashioned from fabric. And I dig it that the dude has fair weather instead of a head. I feel like that sometimes on sunny days. =smile=

  2. Simply FAB Ron. And I am so sorry your lovely weather run ended...hopefully will be back again soon!

  3. Lovely stuff - shame about the weather - same here! Archie was in Glasgow last weekend and enjoying the weather but wasn't impressed by the MA sculpture course which is an annexe to the main art school.

    1. Is that the art school with the architecture by Charles Rennie Macintosh? I've always wanted to see that place.

  4. Thanks all. Much appreciated.
    Glad Archie enjoyed the weather's like that all the time here. LOL. Pity about the course.
    Yes, Fi that's the same Art School designed by C.R.M. Great building, it's currently going through a restoration due to a fire three tears ago.