Thursday, 7 September 2017

THEME: Asemic Writing

"Asemic" means "having no meaning." Your challenge this week is to incorporate some asemic writing in a collage. You can use the asemic writing as a background; you can write it on a strip of paper and glue it down; you can scribble it on top of your collage; you can use pieces of paper to make one big asemic ideogram... any way you want to do it. I'll be posting an example of asemic writing from my archives, but if you haven't done asemic writing before, I encourage you to google it and look at more examples for inspiration. Have fun!


  1. WELCOME BACK FELLOW KOLLAGE KIT artists. And leave it to Fi to come up with an interesting challenge.

  2. Good to be back ( sort of ) and taxing our brains with those tricky themes! Thanks Fi for this puzzler!

  3. Hello to everyone again after summer recess! Intriguing first theme Fi. I'll have a go though not sure what'll happen...but that's part of the fun!