Sunday 31 March 2024

all fools & easter: Easter Theatre & Happy Easter all!

From the Archives.

Not as many Easter songs as Christmas, but here's a cracker from XTC

"Easter Theatre" released 25 years ago this week.


  1. My husband loves XTC! We are listening to the YouTube link you provided NOW. "Easter Theatre" is wonderful. What a great group. Thanks for reminding us of them. AND your collage is a bright reminder of the promise of springtime. Colors are right on. The grass is greening. Flowers. Gnomes. It has it all. And Stan looks quite proud to be participating. Sorry I don't know the gent with the awesome mustache but he looks quite the conductor.

  2. Great collage and great band! Here's another fine mess you got us into Stanley!

  3. Cheers Angie & Michael. Nothing like a bit of XTC. Old gent with the handlebar mustache was an "advert face" for a now forgotten press campaign.