Monday, 6 January 2014

I hereby resolve to...

The background is from "Solitaire Pool, 2012" by Eskayel. #3 is from a 1930s manual on the art of kissing. #5 is Nepalese, but I don't know what it says. And #7, of course, is my real resolution for 2014.

I got to play with my word box! =big grin= Thank you so much for this theme, Michael!


  1. Ha ha! Some doozy's to be sure! Love them all especially number seven!

  2. Good one Fi. Interesting to read and especially to look at!

  3. Great energy Fi in this. Very wintery image too!

  4. No. 6 is VERY cosmic, Fi, I think I'll adopt it...

    1. No. 6 is actually a nod to a friend of mine: her user name on Flickr was "Into Silence." She has a rather vaguely articulated belief that directing oneself toward silence leads to some sort of inner perfection. =shrug= What do you mean, Lynn, by "cosmic"? I'm curious...