Thursday, 27 February 2014

An Osteo Olio

Great theme!  I bet everyone of us has a box full of skull-and-bones themed pieces, ghoulish lot that we are.  Because my collage efforts this week have to be squandered on an old project that MUST be finished, I dip into the archives ...

 Recent collage work called "Less of This, More of that"

 Page detail from work-in-progress, an altered book to be entitled "Smoke"

 Page detail from an old altered book project called "Under Vesuvius"


  1. Lovely stuff Lynn! Good luck with the other project!

  2. I agree with Michael and Vivienne...well done and lots of luck with the other project.

    Note: I don't think I've ever made a collage with a skull but I know I have thought about it. Now is my chance.

  3. Maybe it´s super embarrassing - but I do not know what or who is an Osteo Oli!? (ehem - I´m blushing but I´m too curious about it!)
    Great collages as always, Lynn!

    1. I know these words because I do too many crossword puzzles...."osteo" is a prefix meaning "bone" and "olio" is a tiresome and silly word that means "a mix of things, or a stew" ...and I promise this will be my last collage title using stupid crossword words (that is, unless I get a chance to use "etui"...).

    2. Thanks for explanation, Lynn!

  4. Such great collages Lynn! Love them all.