Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Crows of the Unconscious

To see a crow in your dream represents death and the darker aspects of your character. The dream could also be pointing out your annoying habits. Alternatively, the crow may be conveying a message from your unconscious.



  1. Stunning collage. I love the textures and shapes you have created. I'd love to have a "pet" crow.

    1. Thank you! The texture is from a very distressed Life magazine cover from the recycling center, had been cutting it up periodically not knowing how I would use it until today. I'd love to have a pet crow too, just saw a film on them last week - fascinating creatures!

  2. I love your collage, Vivienne, and I love crows!

  3. Fabulous texture, and I'm rather a corvophile myself!

  4. A friend of mine had a pet crow for many years. It repeated words...in her voice! And it laughed like her as well!! She said the word 'WOW' like young people say 'AWESOME' and the crow picked that word up as it was used quite often. One day the crow decided to drop the first "W" and it was repeating "OW! OW! OW!" over and over. A neighbor knocked on my friend's door to find out if everything was okay. LOL!

    Vivienne, I like your collage very much. Great use of a distressed image.

  5. Thank you for the comments here & love the story of the pet crow, now I REALLY want one!