Wednesday, 2 September 2015

THEME: School Supplies

Yes, it is that time of year...some children and young adults are already back at the books and others will be starting their lessons very soon.  AND SO it is time to think about buying (or fondly remember buying) all the necessary items that made going back to school a special time. (I know it was for me!)  Conjure up those items into collage form and have fun...

AND don't forget a school can be for more than primary/secondary education.  Doctors go to school.  Artists go to school.  Clowns go to school. ; ) They do! They do!  Use your imagination...


  1. That was so LONG ago that I forget what it was I had to buy! Guess I'll just have to make it up! (Which is what I normally do anyway!)

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    2. I just revised the description of the theme to make it more flexible!

  2. Are you still doing the themes for September CC ? I've lost track I must admit!