Thursday, 28 January 2016

This weeks theme(s) : 1. Abstract Plus (figurative)

Yes this week there are two themes.
I sometimes like to 'chew' a bit longer on a subject, so theme 1 is 'Abstract' plus whatever you feel like ... try to take your abstract to a higher level and if you use figurative elements try to make them an integrated part of your abstract.
Feel free to use the abstracts from last week, or make new ones.

And for those who are fed up with the abstracts there is
Theme of the week: 2  Make a Banner

I know this was a theme about 2 years ago but than I wasn't around and couldn't be part of it.
So make a banner for Kollage Kit (so Michael has something to choose from if he want's to change every now and than) or just any banner you like.
I'm not sure about the measurements so if someone can help me out? I thought 2 by 12 Inches,
that's 4cm by 30 cm, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Have fun!


  1. Excellent themes - glad the abstract one is carrying on as I just made a last minute one this morning! Banners are always welcome too - yes, the measurements are fine ( length is 6X height , gives you a rough idea )

  2. Thanks Josephine...always fun to make a banner! And maybe I'll try my hand at another ABSTRACT!