Saturday, 9 January 2016

every thing in its own basket

 I did a huge decluttering of our house in the spring and summer of 2014. It was called the BERP—for Big Entropy Reduction Project.

My conclusion? It's nice to be able to actually sit on the futons, and nice to have so much open floor space. Nonetheless, I think the whole concept of decluttering is kinda creepy, even unnatural. I mean, do packrats declutter their middens? Do magpies declutter their collections of treasures?


  1. Fi! How great to see another collage by you. Very nice piece. Baskets come in handy for such a task and they are way more decorative than the plastic totes I tend to cram things into. Decluttering can be exhausting and a walk down memory lane too.

  2. Hi Fi, so nice to see a collage from you - I just can echo Angie!It´s a very decluttered one and it fits perfectly to the theme.

  3. Oh Fi, I hope your health is getting better day by day!
    That is one fine minimalistic collage and I love the use of only one color.
    I remember your BERP project, hoe long did it last?
    At this moment I think I'm also in a kind of BERP project or perhaps a huge 'spring cleaning' in winter time.

  4. Clever use of texture in this one, too, Fi. I love de-cluttering. I'd make a terrible magpie...keep 'em coming, Lady!