Friday, 4 January 2013

Low Tide

A few years ago, left feet kept washing up on the beaches in the Pacific North West.  No right feet, only left ones....  it was due the to currents and the shape of the foot.  I'm not a fan of feet so I used heads.


  1. ew. Did they ever find out what happened to the people who had been attached to the feet?

    That's pretty gross.

  2. Oh dear, I remember the stories about the feet...eeeuuuwwwhhh! You made me laugh out loud with your last sentence! (Nice coiffures.)

  3. Head and shoulders above the rest!

  4. Thank you all for the great comments!! I've missed you all :)
    The only conclusion they came to regarding the feet, if I recall correctly were plane crashes. I thought that was a pretty vague and lazy explanation.

  5. Great collage - they all look pretty stylish.

  6. Stylish, but sad ladies...mourning the feet, I suppose. I also heard that all the feet were wearing sneakers and tennis shoes -- bouyant and protective, which I guess is true and which explains why only the feet survived to wash up on our lovely shores, BUT does not explain why only LEFT feet were showing up (cue the Twilight Zone music)...lovely little collage, Vivienne!

    1. The reports said it was the difference in the shape of a left foot/shoe as opposed to that of the right + the directions of the currents in the Pacific. They didn't really figure out whose feet...