Tuesday, 29 January 2013

tiny nurses from the future

Background is an English country fairground, circa 1885. Man in red is from a 17th century German engraving (hand-tinted) of a conjurer at work.

Nurses are from a photo collection (also hand-tinted) assembled in the 1940s & 1950s, in the archives of the National Library of Medicine (USA). They are (left to right) from the Philippines, Denmark, British Honduras, Hong Kong, Madeira, Kenya, Nepal, Dominican Republic, and Colombia.

The bunny rabbit is from my scrap pile.


  1. I love this. Nice array of nurses. The photographs work well with the engraving. Bunny is a great playful touch!

  2. Thanks, Angie! This collage makes me think of the lyrics of "Time Warp" from Rocky Horror: "With a bit of a mind flip/ You're into the time slip/ And nothing can ever be the same."

    And don't forget: "Madness takes its toll." =laugh=

  3. A wonderfully creative scene you created! I really like the hand tinting. Did you do it or was it already colored?

    1. Thanks, Angelica! The hand-tinting was already in the images when I found them.

  4. Very interesting nurse collection from all over the world - I´m sure, the German will get better soon!

  5. What a great idea! Lovely composition.

  6. It's a beautiful collage and a whimsical combination, great job!