Friday, 21 October 2016

Homage to Kurt Schwitters

I really admire Kurt Schwitters, because he was a multitalented and über-creative Dadaist!
Some days ago I visited the Sprengel Museum in Hannover to see the giant Kurt Schwitters archive and the reconstruction of one his MERZ-rooms in Hannover, which he started to build 1931 and which was destroyed 1943 during a bomb raid. To stand in this room was a very special experience - and therefore I made this collage. 


  1. Excellent tribute to an excellent artist!

  2. Wow--to stand in that MERZ-room--what an experience that must have been! I've seen lots of photos of that room. I've got to go to Hannover some day.

    And this is a terrific collage, Sabine--very interesting to examine closely.

  3. Oh what a lovely 'rebuilding' collage for Kurt Schwitters!
    Destroy and rebuild ... you're a real architect Sabine ... in many ways!