Wednesday, 26 October 2016

overwhelmed by klee (an homage)

Paul Klee was a prolific artist (and teacher of art) who worked in quite a few different styles. When I set about making a collage in honor of Klee, I was overwhelmed by all the many directions I might go. Finally, I decided to limit myself to picking up a few motifs from different paintings. (Yes, the big red arrow is a Paul Klee motif.)


  1. Right you are Fi! "Greeting" 1922 featured three or four arrows as I recall...and one was red (and the others blue?) I have a book about Klee that I will have a look at later...

    Great homage.

  2. You got to the heart of Klee! Well done, Fi!

  3. Your colors are great Fi ... I'm a fan of Klee as well.