Tuesday, 18 October 2016

queen of wasps: lost episode

If you don't think wasps are dangerous, you must never have been chased by a cloud of angry yellowjackets (hornets) after accidentally disturbing their nest. =smile= Their stings have a lot of venom in them, and hurt like the dickens!


  1. Hello Fi! I sure do know the sting of the stinging insect...may have been a hornet, may have been a wasp, but a month or so ago, on a bicycle ride, one went down my blouse...OUCH!!! (I tried to swat it out without lifting my shirt and paid for that with 5 bites.) Your collage is spot on.

  2. Very dangerous! I like the shadow on her dress and the gun! Fits perfectly, Fi!

  3. Well spotted, Sabine, I didn't even notice the shadow...perfectly on theme with these killer wasps, Fi (and yes, they DO hurt like the dickens!).