Friday, 16 March 2018



  1. Fun to look at! And admirable composition: with those arches in the colored glass, and the profusion of interesting objects, you've got both symmetry and asymmetry goin' for you. Lots of eyes, too! Tell us, Angie, if you will, have you been involved with the antique business all your life, or is it something you hit upon partway through?

  2. I have been "collecting" since I was a teenager. Fascinated by all things vintage. I started dealing in the collectibles market about 30 years ago. It is not a full time job but a pastime I find pleasurable. The thrill of the hunt and subsequently finding something that is rare and profitable!

  3. I'm curious, Angie: do you make a distinction between antiques and antiquities? or between collectors of antiques and collectors of antiquities? (Hmm...I seem to be ignoring the fact that the word you used was "collectibles.")

    1. Mainly, I deal in the low-end world of collectibles. Things that are vintage (circa 1920s-1970s). Then I run across the occasional bonafide antique (something about one hundred years old) i.e. a piece of Victorian jewelry or a scrapbook album full of trade cards etc. from the late 1800s. Antiquities on the other hand I cannot afford to buy or deal in. Those are pieces from the ancient past. Museum quality artifacts, etc.