Friday, 30 March 2018

Kurt Schwitters´ MERZ construction

This is from the archives - a assembling magazine contribution I made last year.
the coloured pieces are paper on wooden "tiles"

I once saw a model of Kurt´s MERZ construction in Hannover - that impressed me deeply.

And yes - I know - the below one is NOT a collage, but I made this linocut of Kurt Schwitters´ portrait and printed it on old book pages and boards - and I  like to share this with you, too.

And: Sorry for my absence, friends .....


  1. No need to apologize...SO GREAT TO HAVE YOU BACK, Sabine! :)
    LOVE the linocut. Something I have always wanted to try.
    Marvelous MERZ Construction.

  2. It IS great to have you back! You did two months of themes, didn't you? As I just learned, two months of themes can wear a person out. Your linocut of Schwitters is fab: I think I would've recognized those cheerful eyes and that strong chin!

  3. Excellent work - love the lino cut!