Sunday, 29 April 2012

And In My Dreams I Am Able To Leap Tall Buildings In a Single Bound, Descend a Staircase in a Single Leap, Jump From Rooftop to Rooftop With The Greatest of Ease

I have been waiting to use the image of the woman you see here.  I cut her from the front of a piece of vintage sheet music a long time ago.  The black & white village scene is from a vintage book on France.

I do have dreams where I can fly and it does not involve just involves leaping.  My favorite is when I can take one leap and descend a grand staircase.


  1. That's a cool dream. Lovely collage!

  2. Nice image Angie. I think you've captured that dreamy feeling of going through the air with ease.

  3. Beautiful image and I too love that sensation!

  4. Delightful—I especially love those delicate, pointed feet, and the way the cap lines up with the chimneys!

    1. Oops—those aren't chimneys—they're towers, aren't they?

  5. She's wonderful and perfectly captures that feeling of flying thru the air as though you will never come down. Very nice, CC!