Thursday, 26 April 2012

I am haunted by thoughts of eternity

Background from a women's sportswear catalog. Image of Niagara Falls is not a photo: that's a black-and-white reproduction of Frederic Edwin Church's oil painting. Contemplative young man in harlequin attire by Pablo Picasso. Doves from the lid of a children's magic set. Numbers from a magazine article on late 19th century spiritualists.

I really am haunted by thoughts of eternity. And infinity. Endless numerals spooling out like the number pi. Maybe it has to do with being over the hill.

I have a question: if one dove is for the Holy Spirit, what do two doves mean?


  1. Excellent collage. I like the mystery hands.

  2. Thoughtful, beautiful collage Fi.

  3. Lovely! Two doves means there will be more doves coming soon!

  4. My thoughts Haunt eternity...
    Great collage!

  5. Beautiful and interesting dream & collage. Sounds like the dream of someone intelligent rather than "mature" :D

  6. Beautifully mysterious, Fi. The pensive harlequin is so evocative.